Manchi jageer karauli

one of nearest jadaun's Thikana of karauli city

Manchi village was a main jagir of the princely state of Karauli. Which was founded by a descendant of Haridas ji. A stronghold was built here.
Which was under the authority of Haridasi Jadons. It is also counted in 16 Kotdis.
6 km away from the present district headquarters karauli
Manchi and Deeppura village was under the manchi jageer

The Rajputs here played their leading role in the army of Karauli princely state. Its chhatund was 232.0.0. The Yaduvanshi Rajputs of Manchi in Karauli history gave a different example of their bravery. Which became famous in the Battle of Manchi in history.
At the time of Maharaja Pratappal's ascension, two groups of Rajputs were formed in the power struggle in 1841. Thakur of Manchi was opposed to the future Maharaja Pratappal. Finally, Pratappal Maharaja, he got angry with the vassal of Manchi and uprooted Manchi and set the Garhi on fire.
After that, all the residents of Manchi moved from there and settled in a new settlement. The last vassal of Manchi was Thakur Bhanwar Singh Jadoun.