Bhati Jaisalmer royal house( satoy ) statement against aheer fake propogenda ।

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I am making Tawarikh Jaisalmer available to the general public in this post. Link to download the pdf is given at the conclusion of this post.

The 19th and the 20th century saw a process ironically termed 'sanskritization' by the sociologists. Under this, agrarian and certain mercantile communities started claiming a Rajput, and sometimes a Brahmana status overnight.

People are free to choose what they call themselves, I have no business interfering with their personal fantasies, until it affects me, my family and my legacy.

As a member of the first family of the Yadus, the eldest grand-son of the Rawal of the Jagatsinghot branch of the Bhati Rawlots, it is my duty to derail the plans of a section of pastoral nomads from appropriating the 'Yadava clan'.

Yadavas are descendants of the Emperor Yadu, eldest son of King Yayati. Yadavas represent the eldest and the most dominant line of the Vedic Ailas, a group of dynasties most glorified in Rigveda, as they established the paramountcy of the Vedic religion in the land of 7 rivers.

Abhiras and Gwalas (Ahirs, Gop, Gwal) have nothing to do with us Yadavas. Yadavas are represented by the Rajput clans of Bhatis/Jadupats, Jadons, Chudasamas, Manjs, Sammas, Kalchuris and Jadejas.

Rao Bhati was the grandson of Jadupat Salivahan, the emperor who annihilated the Indo-Scythians near Kahror and established the capital in Sialkot named Shalivahanpur.

Brothers, we have to be very careful and do everything to destroy this heist. Let's not forget how people have succeeded in such daylight robberies of identity. Turk is actually an Iranic term used for the Iranic Go-Turks. Later the identity was totally appropriated by unrelated Mongol-oid tribes. Certainly nobody other than a small group of historians who study central asia know anything about the Iranic history of goturks.

Fact is, if we do not take a stand today, we stand to lose every single sacrifice our ancestors did to retain their identity. It is indeed the time to draw your swords, and clean your barrels. The old wooden throne of Krishna and his Royal Meghadambar Umbrella is still with the Bhatis of Jaisalmer, and Krishna's banners are with the Jadons of Karauli.

Below is the link to download Tawarikh Jaisalmer. The book was commissioned by then Prime Minister of the kingdom. It is the single-most important contemporary source of Bhati history, and easily one of the more relevant original work on the history of many Rajput clans. This serves as the source used by every historian of any significance when he covers Jaisalmer. The handwritten original version with me is too fragile to be scanned, apologies, but the photocopied print-version has been scanned, and made available:

- Rawal Rudrabhoj Singh Bhati, Satoy